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Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

Jul 28, 2015


A little extra squee to finish off the month, introducing a segment we're calling "A Little Extra Squee!" These will be short side episodes when we have interviews or special topics that don't quite fit in with our regular episodes, but we still want to share with our listeners.

For our first Little Extra Squee, Chrissy caught up with Davie Bird, the founder and organizer of Geek'd Out Events in Salt Lake City, Utah. Geek'd Out Events has a special Time Lord Charity Ball planned for September 19th in support of the Room to Read children's literacy organization, but this isn't the first fandom-themed charity event he's planned before. Ranging from Harry Potter to Star Wars and beyond, Davie talks about how he's combined his favorite fandoms with supporting worthy causes (quite fitting, given how many fandoms have been highlighted with giving to charities recently).

We hope to add more of our back episodes as time and server space permits so stay tuned!

Find out more at Geek'd Out Events' Facebook page:

Room to Read: