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Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

Mar 28, 2016

Civil War is looming, but Coulson and crew have their hands full with troubles closer to home. Inhumans continue to appear, Grant Ward has returned in the form of Hive, and Malick is working towards something terrible. Can team SHIELD survive these latest threats?

Plus Chrissy gives her report from Salt Lake Fan X;...

Mar 22, 2016


We're off again this week, so we have another archived episode for you. This time it's our coverage of the first DC TV series crossover with DC's Arrow and The Flash.

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Mar 14, 2016

Captain Hook is dead, so the Storybrooke gang is off to the Underworld to try and save him. Unfortunately the Underworld is full of familiar faces who have unfinished business, and one vindictive flaming-headed master. Plus Rachel gives her recap of her adventures at the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention which included 3...

Mar 7, 2016

Whitney Frost has Zero Matter and intends to release it on the world, can Peggy Carter stop her? Will Jarvis and his wife recover from Anna being shot by Frost? Will Howard Stark get his mustard? Join us as we discuss the finale of season 2 of Marvel's Agent Carter. Plus a little bit of news, several tangents, and...