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Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

Dec 28, 2016

Join us as we discuss this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio. This time the Doctor dives into the superhero genre, with a story of a masked vigilante known as The Ghost. Together, along with a reporter named Lucy; and River Song's former companion, Nardole; must stop body-snatching aliens...

Dec 20, 2016


The Empire is building a super weapon, one that has the power to destroy entire planets. It's up to Jyn Erso and a rag-tag group of rebels to gain the information the Rebellion needs to destroy the Death Star. Join us in our review of the latest in the Star Wars saga, Rogue One. May the squee be with...

Dec 13, 2016

Winter finale season is here again, and once more our shows are leaving us squeeing and emotionally tangled in knots. 'Once Upon A Time' left us with Emma and Regina in an alternate universe (with Robin Hood!), the hooded figure of Emma's visions is supposedly Rumple and Belle's son, and Snow and Charming are stuck is a...

Dec 7, 2016



2017 isn't quite here yet, but that doesn't mean we can't start looking toward the upcoming convention season. Join us this week as we talk to Patrick, show runner for the upcoming Doctor Who convention, Time Lord Expo. We discuss his approach to this show and their plans to give attendees a more...

Nov 30, 2016

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