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Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

Mar 3, 2020

Season 12 of Doctor Who has come to a close. And this season was full of surprises, controversy, and left us with a lot of questions. Join us in our review of the season as we try to make sense of what revelations and possible changes to cannon (or not?) occurred. Plus the news and your feedback!

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Clips used in this episode:

-Super Mario Brothers Trailer
-Marble Arch! On Ravalox? | Doctor Who | Trial of a Timelord | BBC
-Nikola Tesla Meets the Doctor | Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror | Doctor Who
-"You Missed Me, Right?" #JackIsBack | Fugitive of the Judoon | Doctor Who: Series 12
-"Hello, I'm the Doctor" | Fugitive of the Judoon | Doctor Who
-Tenth Doctor Says What
-The FINAL Challenge | Jodie vs Mandip | Doctor Who
-Doctor Who in The Matrix
-The Original Matrix | The Trial of a Timelord | Doctor Who
-Doctor Who v Morbius