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Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

Nov 23, 2015

Grab your favorite toy, call up Lightning McQueen for a ride, and meet us at 42 Wallaby Way as we discuss all things Pixar on this week's podcast. In honor of the 20th anniversary of Pixar's first full-length theatrical release, we look back at what Pixar's releases have meant to us, some of our favorite moments, and...

Nov 15, 2015

Turn your weapons to the capitol, and join up with the Mockingjay for a revolution, as we discuss the Hunger Games series of books and films. We try to remain spoiler free, but there are still plenty of feels. Plus we return to having news, including a couple of returning favorites, and some great Doctor Who news!


Nov 9, 2015

Indianapolis, the final frontier....or at the very least the home of Starbase Indy. Listen as we are joined by Melissa Kocias from Starbase Indy as she tells us about this long-running Star Trek convention, and gives us some behind the scenes info on what it takes to run an event like this.

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Nov 2, 2015

Shake that martini and hop in your Aston Martin, as we delve into the world of the most famous spy on the planet, James Bond. We're joined by Rachel's husband, Chauncey, during our discussion of the Bond films, games (Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 anyone?), and more. Also it was a really slow news week, but what news...

Oct 29, 2015


Just in time for the Season 2 premier of The Librarians, we bring to you our review of the premier of the first season.

We hope to add more of our older (pre-iTunes) episodes to the feed as time and upload space permits. So stay tuned!

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